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100 €* to

400 € off*

*on several models

A great offer for more than 20 days contracts.



You are living outside France?

You intend to rent a car for your next stay in Europe?


 We are taking care of everything whatever the length of your stay is:

from 1 day to 1 year!


To benefit from our Car-Expats' TT (temporary transit) service, you must live outside of the EU, what ever your nationality is. 

We offer you a real alternative to a long term car rental.You will drive all around Europe your brand new Citroen or DS car and return it like a normal rental car before returning to your country.


Very easy, isn't it?



It is my great pleasure to invite you to discover all our services and solutions well adapted to each of your needs.


If you need a family car for your holidays, a compact for a business trip or a multifunctional one for your long stay in Europe, we will always, as we have always done for the last 17 years, propose to you a "sur-mesure" offer.

Natacha Camuset 
winter special
valid until 31/12/2019

For contracts of more than 21 days. 

100 €* to 400 €* off
​on several models

*it can be combined
with priority pass on some models

all year long
on all 90 days
or more contracts
delivery and return fee out of France
50%* off
on all 21 days or more contracts.
Can be combined with some promotions on some models.
On all models
35 %* off
on less than 18 days contracts
On C5 Aircross diesel BVA
and on DS3 Crossback BVA

10 % off

For 18 to 20 days contracts. 

On C5 Aircross diesel BVA

10 free days 

For more than 20 days contracts. 

Can be combined with the 50 % off on delivery and loyalty program. 

offers cannot be combined

You are coming to France for a long term stay (> 90 days) as a student, teacher, researcher, civil or military trainee, executive... 
For few days of shopping, a business appointment
or for both of them!

For a few days stay in France, for a week-end or for several weeks, whatever your nationality and country of residence (except France) are, take advantage of our special expatriates Enterprise Rent A Car prices.

Europe... A continent...

Along the years, some destinations have delighted our customers...

We share them with you.

memorable holidays sent by our clients
Discover the 150 most beautiful
villages of France

Sir Chiba, one of our most valued and loyal Japanese clients, have gone on the roads few year ago to discover one of the national French emblems, the villages. His journey started in 2008 with one goal: discovering with his family the most authentic, charming and stunning ones. So get in one of our cars and share their experiences. 

Natacha, clients & friends,  2017 and 2018



We have been working with some of our clients for more than 15 years. Among them, the Citti who discovered Europe in spring, summer, fall and winter. Discover some of their adventures on our blog. 

Are you also living thrilling aventures 
with your Car-Expats' Citroën or your DS?
At sea, mountain... in spring, winter... And you feel like sharing them? 
Send us your photos, videos and posts, and we will publish them on our blog!

A request for your holidays, a business trip or a long-term stay...

A family car or a small urban one...

Contact us, we aswer you in less than 48 hours, 365 days per year..




Dette kan anbefales!


Jeg har leid I noen år en “TT-Car” etter jeg ble bevist at

Nordmenn kunne bruke dette tilbudet da vi ikke er et EU land.


Vi har alltid lei den stor bil og prisen har vært rimeligere enn andre selskaper.

Samtidig er bilene helt nye og forsikringen som kommer med er meget god.


Ordningen ligner på en  Buy – Sell-Back ordning.  Skulle man velge å kjøpe bilen

Får man tilbud om det.  Med en rabatt i Frankrike på 25% - 35% så kan det sikkert gjøre det



Jeg har benyttet CAR-EXPATS og Natacha Camuset som alltid har vært veldig service minded.

Øivind M.

Darryl Gibson & Brenda Bushell


If you are going to Europe and you need a car, you need Natacha Camuset!


I cannot recommend highly enough the terrific service, fast quotes and great cars Natacha arranged through Citroen Europass for myself, my wife and our dog Shoga.


Not only were the cars great - a Citroen C4 Picasso and a C3 Picasso used over seven months - in 2015/16, but the staff at the Citroen pickup and dropoff points in Paris, Nice and Munich were as friendly as Natacha. A small problem with the locking mechanism on the C3 in Imperia, Italy was repaired in less than hour at the local Citroen dealer, no questions asked and no money needed, and we were again on our way.


The full-coverage insurance meant we never worried about problems during more than 16,000 kilometres of driving through France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy and made our European adventure one for the ages. Although we "met" Natacha only via email, we feel we made a wonderful new friend in France and we will definitely use Natacha's great services next time we need a vehicle in Europe.


The ability to choose your vehicle model to fit your needs and to get a new car every time simply cannot be beat. Our C4 had 2 km on it when I picked it up in Paris. The C3 was an "older" older model - it had 4 km on the clock. No extra charges for more than one driver, full insurance and great service made Citroen Europass and Natacha a combination that cannot be beat.


VERY highly recommended for your next trip to Europe. We will be working with her the next time we make the trip.

Akihiro & Reiko Chiba


Our faithful and reliable companion was the nice-looking and efficient Citroen C4 millennium sedans leased under the Citroen Europass. I got the information on this car-lease system from a French colleague at the university in Tokyo.

It is very attractive as the cars leased are always brand-new, which assured the driver the sense of safety and pride compared to some dilapidated junks leased under the ordinary rental car services. Duty-free arrangement and comprehensive insurance coverage are very attractive.


Above all, we are lucky to be supported by Mme. Natacha Camuset, Representative of Citroen Europass for Japan. She is so kind and efficient. As she resided in Japan some years ago, she fully understands our mentality and customs. She covered our language and IT skill deficiencies.


Without her kind and devoted support and Citroen Europass scheme, we could not have achieved our dream.

我々の旅の最も忠実で信頼の置けるコンパニオンは「シトロエン・ユーロパス」(Citroen Europass)がリースする格好の良いシトロエンのセダンである。たまたまフランス人の同僚から教えてもらい、それ以来このレンタカーを利用しているが、一般にレンタカーとは全く異なり、常に新車に乗れることである。新車に乗ると、通常のポンコツのレンタカーとは異なりなんとなく安心感が湧き、得意の気分になる。さらに免税措置やオール・リスク対応の保険も魅力的である。



特に、このシトロエン・ユーロパス日本担当支配人であるナターシャ・カミュゼ夫人(Mme, Natacha Camuset)と知り合ったことは幸運であった。彼女は大変親切で有能な方で、本当に頼り甲斐のある方である。 前に日本に滞在されたこともあり、日本人の考えや習慣をご存知で、特に我々の未熟なフランス語やIT技能を補ってくださった。彼女の親切なサポートとシトロエン/ユーロパスに出会わなかったら、我々夫婦の美しい村巡りの夢を達成することはできなかった。

Motoyuki & Haruji Sugano


主人とフランス旅行をするため、カーエクスパットのシトロエン ユーロパスのサービスを利用しました。





日本で事前に予約した際、万が一の事故などの場合の対応が詳しくかかれたリーフレットが担当者のナターシャ・カミュゼさんから直接メールで送られてきますし、トラブルや事故の場合にもシトロエン ユーロパスのサポートセンターが24時間365日対応をして頂けるので、その点はとても安心です。


今年の旅行でもカーエクスパットのシトロエン ユーロパスでレンタカーを予約しています。今からフランスでのドライブが楽しみです。




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