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Our Special Thanks

All villages were proud of being selected as the most beautiful villages of France and they greeted and welcomed us cheerfully. Many of them showed interest to talk to this helpless old couple from the East and helped us.

Beautiful environment and sceneries, friendly faces of the villagers and colorful local traditions and cultural heritages remain vividly in our hearts and in our cameras as well. Cathedrals and churches remain the center of the villages with the sound of church bells and old organs reviving the faith in modern life.

I am a simple gourmand/glutton and not a gourmet but we enjoyed nice meals. Each village has its special local menus, so called ‘grandmas’ favorite cuisines’ with local wines, which we liked most. Many dishes kept in my wife’s camera revive our appetites and renew our desire to visit the villages again.

Our faithful and reliable companion was the nice-looking and efficient Citroen C4 millennium sedans leased under the Citroen Europass. I got the information on this car-lease system from a French colleague at the university in Tokyo.

It is very attractive as the cars leased are always brand-new, which assured the driver the sense of safety and pride compared to some dilapidated junks leased under the ordinary rental car services. Duty-free arrangement and comprehensive insurance coverage are very attractive.

Above all, we are lucky to be supported by Mme. Natasha Camuset, Representative of Citroen Europass for Japan. She is so kind and efficient. As she resided in Japan some years ago, she fully understands our mentality and customs. She covered our language and IT skill deficiencies.

Without her kind and devoted support and Citroen Europass scheme, we could not have achieved our dream.

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